The Cat Pocket - Window Hammock


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Your Kitty's new fav spot!

Our new Cat Pockets are a slimline version of the old window hammocks. This means your kitty still gets a great view, but now the hammock takes up much less window space, and stays up longer.


The Details

The Cat Pocket is much slimmer than the original, only around 20cm from the glass, which puts less pressure on the suction cups and your glazing. The suction cups are also bigger at 8cm diameter, and use a push-and-screw mechanism to gain extra pulling power to keep the hammock up for longer.

The rigid felt pocket dimensions are approximately 20cm deep, by 20cm tall, by 72cm wide.

Each Cat Pocket is rated to hold up to 15kg - Mr. Fox (pictured) is a medium to large sized 6.1kg cat.

The rigid felt is tough under feline use, and holds up well to scratching and jumping.


Assembly & Care

Your Cat Pocket comes already assembled with three suction cups. To install, ensure that the window surface and suction cups are clean, dry and free of dust.

Unscrew the suction cup fastener until it is almost coming off (but is still attached), then push the suction cup into the glass while screwing the fastener down clockwise to remove unwanted air.

Check the suction cups once a week to ensure your kitty is safe. They can be screwed and unscrewed as needed.

Hard felt should not be wet to clean. Instead, use a lint roller, or a damp cloth.