Rolo's 50-50 Yummy Treats


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Queen Rolo demands both Pure Pet flavours!

Is your fluffy King or Queen a fussy cat?

Rolo LOVES her treats (see video), but she also likes a variety in her diet, and will prefer different foods depending on her mood. Well, now Rolo has her own line of treats by Pure Pet to satisfy whichever mood she may be in!

This limited edition half'n'half bag is a 50-50 mix of Rolo's two favourite proteins, air dried to create a mouth-watering crisp finish: half chicken, half kangaroo. In total, the bag contains 100grams of treats.

Pure Pet is our favourite for a reason

Each of Pure Pet's single-protein ingredients are hand carved, and is what sets them above all other cat treats. This is because hand carving allows even the smallest piece of fat to be removed, which ensures the perfect crisp, healthy and delicious treat for our little Queen.


Ruby Rose’s Chicken Chunks are wonderfully tempting treats made from restaurant quality skinless chicken breast & tenderloin. The taste & smell will send your four legged children into a frenzy. Hand cut into bite size portions makes it lip smackingly easy. With no hormones, preservatives, additives etc… it is pure chicken! Which will thrill the even the fussiest of Queen Rolos.

Fat 7%, Protein 71%


Oska’s Kangaroo Krisps are hand carved from 100% premium free range kangaroo backstrap & dried to create a mouth-watering crisp finish. Can be broken into smaller pieces to last longer. Great for cats with special dietary needs. Our Ren and Ziggy - both with special diets - love these!

Fat 4%, Protein 91%