Meowy Catsmas Baubles

Meowy Catsmas Range! 

Elevate your Tree this year with these super cute Catsmas Ornaments. 

Crafted in Perth at Purrth!

We're obsessed with cats, you know that by now, but we also love design!

Our Meowy Catsmas Range brings our two loves together:

The entire range is made by hand with love right here at Purrth from start to finish. 

  1. We draw the artwork
  2. We laser cut the art out of recyclable materials
  3. We colour the work in by hand using top quality spray paints
  4. We lovingly package it, and ship it to you.

All done in-house, by us - for you.


Feel Good:

This is a project to show our love for cats, and just like everything else at Purrth, part proceeds go to support Animal Welfare at Cat Haven.


Personalise it:

All of our Made in Purrth products are made in our very own workshop on our laser cutter. That means if you want to add your own special flare, like a friend's name, or your cat's name, you can!


Personalisation usually costs around $15 depending on what you would like done, and all you need to do is send us an email after purchasing your goodies, and let us know what you would like to add.


Crafted with love by Cat Mum & Cat Dad

Pepi + Chris


We Ship Australia Wide - Happiness is on the way!