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Make Me MY Cat TEE!

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So you're a crazy cat person too? Sure thing, no judgement, so are we!

We made a Rolo for Prime Minister shirt because we're obsessed with her, and we want everyone to know. So if you're obsessed with your cat, or you have a crazy cat friend, we are currently running a promotion to print your cat on a tee in the same style. 

How it works

Guess what, there is NO MINIMUM ORDER - we'll design and print one shirt for you if that's what you want!

All you need to do is buy this product, then send a copy of the receipt to with a high-res image of your cat in close up style like the Rolo for PM example, and tell us the words you want to see over the top.

Then we'll send back a proof (max 2 edits), ask for the sizes you need, and boom...

Crazy Cat Tee - Customised and shipped to your door!

Yes, that's next level cat obsessed, and we love it.


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