Cat Window Hammock

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The Laze About range of window hammocks are designed to allow your cat to relax in the sunlight within the safety of your home.

The lightweight yet strong frame provides support for up to 15kg, also comes with an added scratching post to the front of the hammock. They use only natural sisal rope, giving your cat somewhere to scratch but also somewhere to grip onto when jumping in and out of the hammock.

Naleon is an industry leader in suction cup technology, their products are by far ahead of the field. That's why The Lazy Cat chose to use Naleon Super Suction Cups to provide unparalleled support to their hammocks. Built with a safety surface warning indicator system that lets you know the maximum holding strength has been achieved.

Hammock dimensions 60cm x 40cm.

12-Month warranty on all hammock frames and suction cups.

Colourful bedding sold separately. 

If you would like to see them in action, come in store and see our cats lazing about on all of them! 

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