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Kitty Comfort Pack

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It's our Kitty Comfort Pack!

We continue pamper our kitties with all of the best products available so that they always feel loved and comfortable.

Our Kitty Comfort Pack is a collection of our current favourite Cat Products.


Right now our favourites are: 

  • Pure Pet's Ultra Premium 100% Chicken Treats
  • Lazy Cat's Window Hammock
  • Feliway's Diffuser for supreme comfort in the home


Buy Together and Save!

All of these products are available individually on our online and retail stores, but when you buy them together as part of our favourites box, the Kitty Comfort Pack, you save over $35!


Some More Details

  • The Window Hammock dimensions are 60cm x 40cm.
    • Holds up to 15kg - much stronger than the ones found on Ebay!
    • 12-Month warranty on all hammock frames and suction cups.
  • Pure Pet Treats are made of premium human grade protein only
    • The Kitty Comfort Pack includes one Hessian Bag of Chicken treats
    • This should last around a month for one cat, depending on your cat's size and frequency of treats
  • The Feliway Box comes with both the power outlet diffuser, and one vial of Feliway.
    • Depending on the size of your room, and how long you run it per day, it should last around 1-2 months


We hope you love Purrth's Favourites in the Kitty Comfort Pack!

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