Fur Throne

A Throne Fit for Furry Royalty!

Our handcrafted wooden thrones are designed for you and your fluffy:

    1. For you - they're easy to assemble and look beautiful in any space.

    2. For your fluffy - they are made of unsealed sustainable plywood and held together by friction only. That means with no glue and no varnish it is safe to sleep in, scratch, and even bite if they want to.

Fur Thrones are all 100% Made in Perth at Purrth by Cat Mum and Cat Dad:

  • We draw the design
  • We laser cut the sustainable plywood
  • We sand everything down to a silky finish
  • All supervised & approved by our furry family of 12


Fur Thrones are made of sustainable pine plywood, sourced right here in Australia - that's all. The design uses an intentional loose-friction fit, so that you can assemble and disassemble with ease for cleaning or transporting.

While we try our best to quality control and keep consistency of timber tone and knots/markings, as our locally sourced plywood is made from real trees, there may be some minor discolouration or markings. (We think these imperfections make the Thrones even more beautiful).

Our optional cushion is also made to fit by us using machine-stitched cotton with a polyester fill.



The Fur Throne is made of three sheets of 30cm x 60cm plywood, resulting in a perfect triangle. Your kitty will have 45cm of internal height from platform to apex, and 54cm of width from corner to corner on the platform (see images).


Every time we assemble a throne, we have a furry family member sit down right where we are trying to work. So the instructions in the images also include our little helpers :)


For easy cleaning, disassemble the throne so that you can clean each panel individually. To clean excess hair, wipe down with a lint roller or similar. For minor dirt and grease from your kitty, wipe down with slightly damp cloth (never soak the timber).

For tougher stains, we recommend some heavily diluted interior timber cleaner from your local hardware store dabbed with a cloth - or if your cat(s) are at all sensitive to smell - you can give the panels a light sand with some 600 grade sandpaper (furniture/interior timber).

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