FELISCRATCH - Scratch Guidance

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Redirect Your Cat's Scratching

Scratching things is an important part of being a healthy cat, so telling cats not to scratch is not the answer. Sometimes though, we can buy all of the expensive scratching posts in the world, but they still want to scratch the couch, curtains, and other naughty areas.

Well once again, the people at Feliway have come to the rescue.

How it Works

Instead of trying to stop scratching, their new product Feliscratch is designed to direct your cat's scratching to a chosen area.
Cats scratch in certain places because they have already "marked" there before with previous scratching, and when they smell that scratch scent, they're propelled to do it again.

Well Feliscratch is designed to be a stronger and more enticing scent so that your cat will choose to scratch there instead.

That means with Feliscratch, you can choose where your cat will want to scratch!


They're happy, we're happy.


What's Included?

  • Each satchel of Feliscratch comes with nine pipettes of Feliscratch:
  • One per day for the first week
  • Then apply one in Week Three
  • Then apply the final pipette in Week Four.