Cats Vs Dogs Chess

Our handmade wooden Chess Set

We love all animals of course, but there is a particularly cute rivalry between cats and dogs that seems to extend back in time forever.

Cats Vs Dogs Chess is our take on this, with all of the classic chess pieces, Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, King and Queen reimagined as different breeds of cats and dogs.

Don't worry, we laser etched their chess symbols on too, so that you know who belongs to whom during game play!

The set comes with all the pieces and a double sided board - one side for playing, the other for neatly slotting all of the pieces back into their homes.

What are they made of?

100% designed and handmade right here in Perth with locally sourced sustainable pine plywood.

Who makes them?

We do. Cat Mum and Cat Dad make these by hand with love right here at Purrth from start to finish. 

  1. We draw the artwork
  2. We laser cut the timber in our workshop
  3. We sand everything down by hand
  4. We lovingly package it, and ship it to you.


Feel Good + Feel Good Some More!

Whether Cats Vs Dogs Chess is for you, or is a gift for someone else - you can feel even happier knowing that part proceeds go to support Animal Welfare at Cat Haven.


Smiles all round! 


We Ship Australia Wide!

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