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Cat Jacket - Treats and Chill

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Treats and Chill Cat Jacket!

This cat jacket was is perfect for your little snuggle buddy on those cold nights.

The jacket was originally intended for small dogs, but we love cats, and cats love treats and chill - so it's a cat jacket now!

Treats and Chill is medium thickness with a fleece-like lining.

The Sizes:

Small is really only for kittens, or very small cats; it did not fit on our small cats. Medium is good for small - medium cats, and Large is good for medium to large cats.

Disclaimer: Please only put cat clothing on cats if they are comfortable wearing it. If you notice signs of distress, please take the item off. If you know your cat doesn't like clothes, please don't buy this item - no change of mind refunds.

Now enjoy those treats and chill times with your furry loved one!


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