Cat Colouring Book by Niina Aoki

Cat Colouring Book by Niina Aoki 

Here at Purrth we love to support our local small business friends, so we have started to stock some of Niina Aoki’s adorable Colouring Books! 

This beautiful Cat Colouring book features 50 cats in Perth all designed and hand drawn by the very talented Niina Aoki.

Discover the friendly felines if Australia’s West Coast!

Colouring can reduce stress and anxiety, just like Cats! 

Colouring allows the fear centre of your brain - the amygdala - to relax, helping you to de-stress. 

What better content to colour than our favourite animals, Cats! 

Grab your pencils, this wonderful Cat Colouring book and your cat, and get colouring!