Hand made in the USA with real feathers, Da Bird's Butterflier is set on long wire to drive your cat wild. By encouraging instinctual behaviour, your cat will exercise while playing, keeping them healthy and alert. Just don't leave your cat alone with it because cats literally love them to pieces!

This wand-style cat toy features lifelike insects that attract your cat almost as well as real ones. Simply hold the wand in your hand and wiggle toy in front of your cat to entice her. The attached wire makes the movement of the insects erratic and realistic.

Features of the Butterflier:

  • Butterfly is made from real feathers to entice your kitty
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Short wand enclosed with glitter (assorted colours)
  • Long nylon dangling wire - 40cm
  • Great interactive play for your cat
  • Includes natural feather butterfly (in random colours)

Go Cat Cat Toys are hand-crafted in the US so you know you're getting a quality product to drive your kitty wild.

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