Our New Home!

They Love it!
After 10 days of Rest and Renovations, we are so excited to tell you that the kitties are totally refreshed, and they adore their new home.
We made quite a few big changes, each one attempting to improve the happiness of our kitties and you! Well Sparky has given us the tick of approval!
Here's the finished product ...

With our background in Architecture, this was a lot of fun for us. Designing for cats first and people second is a very different way of working.

It means that we get to look at materials in a new way, like the Acoustic Pinboard we used for the floor, Cat Tree, shelves, and boxes. It's a material designed for two things; soften noises, and allow for pins and nails to go in and out without damage. Well if you think of cat claws as pins and nails, then this is the perfect material for cats. It's soft but feels a little scratchy, and they love to run their claws through it, and rub themselves all over it, which they can do as much as they want - no problem.

That's just one of the many things we had fun experimenting with last week.


Here's a few more ...

We Love to Share

As always, if you want to know how we've made something custom for our kitties,

just ask next time you're in the cafe, and we'll show you everything you need to know.


Spaces are limited - Bookings are essential to relax with the cats - get yours HERE


Lot's of Love,

Sparky and the Happy Residents of Purrth.