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100% Designed & Handmade in Perth by Purrth!

Spooky Season is here!

These Halloweenie Cats are Fang-tastic!

We are just creepin' it real, making some spooky cute things to wear on the daily when you are feeling eerie-sistible.

Trick or Treat Yo' Self to some Fa-Boo-Lous Limited Edition Halloween Cat Glitter!

Limited Edition!

The Pumpkitten and Glow in the Dark Peek-a-Boo earrings are limited, get yours now before they sell out! 

Halloweenies are part of our fine-craft range:

Everything is made by hand with love right here at Purrth from start to finish. 

  1. We draw the artwork
  2. We laser cut and engrave the art out of premium acrylics
  3. We painstakingly layer all of the pieces together.
  4. We lovingly package it, and ship it to you.

All done in-house, by Cat Mum and Cat Dad - Pepi and Chris.


Look Good + Feel Good

This is a project to show our love for cats, and just like everything else at Purrth, part proceeds go to support Animal Welfare at Cat Haven.

Cat Glitter helps you sparkle, and brings some sparkle to a kitty in need too!


Get Free Shipping

All orders over $50 receive free standard domestic shipping - cuteness is on the way!

As each piece is handmade, orders will usually take 2-5 days to make.

Pick up in-store orders will be notified via email when they are available for collection