Cat Paw Laser Toy


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Cat Paw Laser Pointer! 

Laser pointers are a very good way of providing stimulation for your cat and kittens. as it mimics the movements of fast moving prey!

This toy can also help with physical exercise, particularly for all our blessed indoor fur kids. It provides an extremely good outlet of energy to get your sedentary cat to get up and about chasing and batting the little red dot! 

We always recommend having a reward system in place for when they 'catch' the red dot, a treat or toy they really love, to provide positive reinforcement with playtime. 

Features of the Laser Cat Paw:

  • Cats love to chase the little ret dot!
  • USB for easy charging
  • Paw shaped for maximum cuteness
  • Great interactive play for your cat
  • Keyring attachment to keep handy at all times.

Please make sure to use this toy with caution, do not shine in your cats eyes, or other humans eyes as it can cause damaged to