July 02, 2016

How It Works

Welcome to Purrth - sanctuary to all - for animal welfare - and human happiness.

Cat Cafes originated in Taiwan, and have been more recently made popular in Japan, New York, London, and now Perth!

Our Cat Cafe is a social enterprise; all of our cats are rescued from our partners at Cat Haven as permanent residents to The Cat Lounge, and part proceeds from everything we do - even a coffee as you're walking past - goes to animal welfare. 

Customers pre-purchase tickets online here to spend an hour enjoying time with our cat family, with the opportunity to enjoy a coffee, cake, or our delicious pick'n'mix lolly wall at the same time!

Those wishing to enjoy the company of the cats must purchase tickets prior to entry. Tickets are on the hour every hour during opening times, and while walk-in tickets are for sale; we regularly sell out, so please pre-purchase to avoid disappointment.

NOTE: Please read the rules and conditions carefully before purchasing your tickets (see images on the ticket page), as we do not offer change of mind refunds.

For more information, and to grab your tickets now, click HERE!



Q: Can I call to book?

No. For convenience and fairness to all guests, and for payment portals, all of our booking is self-serve online.


Q: Can I re-schedule?

A: Yes. IF you provide at least 48 hours notice so that your tickets can be reclaimed. Just email Hello@catcafeperth.com.au with your existing Booking Name, Date, and Time, and the date and time you would like to change to.


Q: Can I have get a refund if I don't turn up?

A: No. We do not offer change of mind refunds, all purchases are final.


Q: What happens if I am late to my session?

A: Much like going to the cinema, or going on a plane, you choose the time and date that suits you, it is your responsibility to attend, and arrive on time. We cannot extend your time, as that would not be fair to the guests in the session after you, nor is your session transferrable to another time slot. Once you have booked your session, you must attend that session only. If you provide 48 hours notice, and something has come up, we can reschedule you to another date and time where available.


Q: How do I book multiple people, the website is only letting me book one or two tickets?

A: Our booking engine allows for a maximum of 8 people to book per group, out of the 12 total tickets per session. If less than 12 are "available" this means that time is already filling up, and will only allow you to buy the tickets remaining for that session. For example; if you could only purchase one ticket, this means 11 people have booked already - only one ticket is left.

If you click "Refresh Times" then choose a later date/time slot, you will find more spaces available.
Q: Who needs to buy tickets, just me or everyone in the group?
A: Everyone. ALL patrons who wish to enter the cat lounge must have a ticket, regardless of age. IE. 5 people in my group, I need to buy 5 tickets.

Q: Will I receive physical tickets in the mail, or do I have to print them off to enter?

A: Neither. We don't want to waste any paper, so a screenshot of your confirmation email with the date and time showing is fine.


Q: What are your opening hours?

  • Monday - Tuesday = 10am - 2pm
  • Wed - Friday = 10am - 2pm + 6pm - 9pm
  • Saturday - Sunday = 9am - 3pm + 6pm - 9pm


Q: Do you sell walk-in tickets?

A: Yes we do, but only when available. Bookings sell out often, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Q: Are there family or child discounts?

A: As booking is strictly limited in the Cat Lounge (12 people per hour) to ensure the wellbeing of the cats, all guests must pre-purchase a ticket regardless of age, and there are no group discounts.


Q: Can my child have a party in The Cat Lounge?

A: Only on prior application via email to Hello@catcafeperth.com.au, where we will ask you questions before deciding if the booking is appropriate. In general, there must be a 2 to 1 ratio of child to parent if under eight years, and 3 to 1 if under eleven years.


Q: Is there an age minimum?

A: Yes. Children must be four or older to enter (incl. no babies), and all children under 11 must have a guardian with them to enter. Both children and guardians require tickets. Any children under four will be refused entry.


Q: Do you have wheelchair access?

A: All areas inside the Cat Cafe, including the air-lock, and the Cat Lounge (where the cats are), are universally accessible. We now also have a fold-out ramp which can be placed over our stairs at a moment's notice. Our friends at Daily Living advised this ramp to be suitable for all chair types.

We have had a number a wheelchair users inside the cafe who have thoroughly enjoyed their experience. The cats also seem to love the chairs! Fun :)


Q: What food do you sell?

A: Check out our full menu HERE


Q: Where can we park?

A: The City of Subiaco provides 1 Hour Free parking behind The Cat Cafe in the Rowland Street Carpark (off Xanthis Lane). Alternatively, public transport stops right outside our door.


Q: How many cats do you have?

A: We have rescued 13 furry children, all of varying ages and personalities.


Q: How do I adopt a cat from Purrth?

A: We are an External Adoption Centre and representative for Cat Haven WA, meaning that when Cat Haven need some extra help, we'll take on some kittens, raise them up big and strong, and adopt them out through The Cat Cafe.

If you have met a kitten at Purrth and are interested in adoption, please contact us via email at Hello@catcafeperth.com.au for further information.


We can't wait to host you at Purrth! Grab your tickets HERE now :)