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It's been a Wonderful Year!

We are so pleased to be celebrating another Cat Cafe birthday - or Purrthday - in our Subiaco home. Our vision for The Cat Cafe is "For Animal Welfare, and Human Happiness." We take this notion very seriously, and use it strategically to track our goals and measure the success of our achievements. 

Much was achieved for Human Happiness. This year we had two marriage proposals (both successful), at least 300 birthdays, and some blindfolded surprises. What we are most humbled by though, are the countless comments we have received from people after their session, thanking us for "being there when they needed it most."

We are so pleased to be able to offer a warm and happy environment for positive mental health. With so many people struggling internally, we are grateful that we can offer a place of joy, relaxation, rejuvenation, or whatever our guests might need. 

This year some of our notable achievements for Animal Welfare included, sustaining a happy home for our 12 furry children, showcasing rescue cats to approximately 100,000 people in Perth, and spreading the word Adopt Don't Shop for Cat Haven WA.

Along with spreading Cat Haven's message and showcasing rescue cats, we have also been slowly raising money to help support them financially too. Thank you to everyone this year who bought tickets, coffee, merchandise, anything in our store or online, or left a tip, or a donation in the jar or machine, every bit counts.


Our 2018 Purrthday Cat Haven Donation:

This year we are pleased to announce this year's Purrthday donation... 

From The Cat Cafe to Cat Haven is $10,050.20! 




Thank you again to everyone who has supported us, we are so grateful to you for making our work even more fun, joyous, and fantastic. Thank you. 

Now for this year's big Announcements:


Announcement 1 - Price Increase

This year we were pleased to break even. With so many businesses closing around us, we feel very lucky. Long term, we want to do more than break even, so that we can support Cat Haven further, and to make sure we can be sustainable in our high level support for our own furry family.

In looking back over our reports from the year, it is clear that we broke even because we decided to prioritise the long-term well being of our cat family. We started Purrth with 20 guests entering the lounge per hour, slowly lowering this down to our very comfortable 1:1 ratio of 12 people, 12 cats.

While this decrease in volume fulfilled our goals to ensure our cat family's well being, it also resulted in a loss of almost 50% revenue in our second year.

Coupling this with rent increases, and increases across staff, food supply, and all consumables, we are now at the point that we must increase our price.


Our research shows that Los Angeles' Cat Cafe now charge a minimum donation of $25US for their entry, and most Tokyo Cat Cafes charge around $12 per 30 minutes or $24/hour.


We understand that charging $24 per hour at The Cat Cafe in Perth right now is not practical for most people.

So with all of this in mind, we have decided on what we believe is a fair increase, and as of August 1 2018, our price will change to $15 per hour per person. 


Regulars Can Still Get $10 Tickets.

We are continuing our Multi-pass so that regular visitors only pay $10 per ticket.

For more on this check out our 12 Visit Pass


We hope you understand that this decision was not made lightly, and that we have held off on increasing our price for as long as possible. This increase will help us sustain our low volume/high comfort model, and help us do more for Cat Haven.


Announcement 2 - Satellite Foster Centre

We have decided to get more hands-on in our support for Cat Haven!

Throughout the process of developing The Cat Cafe over the past few years, we have gained a particular set of skills and resources for the high level care of kittens and cats.

We now have significant experience in raising, socialising, and caring for cats. We also have a dedicated Cat Shelter in the office above The Cat Cafe that is only used during the rare times that one of our cats falls ill or needs some extra rest.

We are going to put these assets to good use and help Cat Haven even more this year by becoming a satellite foster centre. This means we can alleviate some of the pressure on them by taking care of cats who might not be ready for adoption yet, and need some special care. IE: young kittens too small to adopt, or shy cats who need some socialising.

Most the foster work will be done behind the scenes in our dedicated shelter, but every now and again, these cats or kittens will come down into The Cat Cafe in our custom designed condo for some socialising.


Bonus perks of our hands-on support!

1. Cat loving visitors to The Cat Cafe will have the opportunity to put their name down and record their interest in adopting these cats. Hopefully this means that by the time the foster cats are ready to be adopted and go back to Cat Haven, they will already have a forever home waiting for them - thus streamlining Cat Haven's process even further.

2. Cat loving visitors will also see how wonderful and rewarding it is to be a foster carer for Cat Haven, and will have the opportunity to apply to become a foster carer themselves. This means we can increase Cat Haven's foster network too!


So with this new idea, we'll be able to support Cat Haven by alleviating pressure on them for bed space, find many kittens and cats their forever homes, AND build the database of loving foster carers!

We are very excited about this potential!


We are currently looking after three tiny kitties in our shelter - Choccy, Chewie, and Chip (pictured above).

Again, the primary focus of The Cat Cafe is our own resident family. Any kittens or cats that we foster will only come down briefly into The Cat Lounge at random for lucky groups, and will be inside our dedicated condo, so as not to upset the residents.

Choccy, Chewie and Chip will have their first random visits down into The Cat Lounge starting next week!




Thank You from All of Us!

Purrth is a small family owned and operated business. We rely on the continued support and generosity of our partners, advisors, donors, and staff to make The Cat Cafe the Happiest Place in Perth.

So thank you to the entire team, and on their behalf, thank YOU for all of your support.

We look forward to an even bigger and better third year together.


Happy Purrthday to you!


With love,


Chris + Terps (aka Pepi)

Cat Dad & Cat Mum